AnyRAM is a company working in the field of contract development of electronic devices and software for a wide range of clients, from individual customers to large companies with long-term projects.

Contract development - a new line of business, which allows customers to save money and time. If there appears a need to implement any idea, there is no need to keep your development team - just ask us!

Contract development of electronics and software, as an independent business, is quite young, but has already managed to take its firm place. In an effort to keep pace with the times, a group of leading developers has set up the AnyRAM company, the leading development not only in the field of IT and Hi-Tech, but also in developing "urgent" and complex software and equipment.

Our experts are authors of many electronic designs for the largest Russian and foreign companies, such as MTP "Rubin", JSC "Videophone", TPK "Consumer Electronics «Sokol»", Ltd. "Products of the Future", the South Korean company "Rolsen" and "A&D", the Chinese company "Mitsumaru East Kit". Our software is used for IPTV, radio and telephone, for the effective servers layout in the industrial and home networks. Our drivers and firewalls are used in an international user association project "Leafworks".

Our experts take part in the work of the Moscow Research Institute of Television (MNITI) for the development of DVB-T Russian module for receiving terrestrial digital TV in H.264 format.

Despite this considerable list, our company is also engaged in small orders: great achievements and experience allow us to reduce the price and development time. So we welcome individual entrepreneurs and small businesses - our services are available to everyone! We are to offer the most optimal solution of wide variety of industrial problems to the customers.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!
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