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Digital SRD-transceiver

SRD – Short-Range Distance

Application area:

  • radio control systems
  • access authorization
  • wireless data transmission
  • search and observation systems
  • accounting systems

Distinguished features:

  • digital frequency synthesizer
  • adjustable frequency from 400MHz up to 950MHz
  • separate programming of receiver and transmitter frequencies
  • minimal adjustement step of 200Hz
  • FSK-modulation
  • receive/transmit switch time less then 220µs
  • build-in RSSI-meter of input signal level
  • max output power from 14dBm to 26dBm (433MHz)
  • receiver sensitivity up to -114dBm
  • adjustable transmitter output power from -10dBm
  • NRZI-encoding of digital stream
  • adjustable RS232 interface exchange speed
  • interference protected exchange protocol (CRC32+ID2)
  • RS232 interface, unipolar UART (+5V), and USB 1.1
  • "wireless extender" mode RS232 (wireless RS232)
  • automatic synchronization of received data packets
  • USB interface power supply

Tranceiver consists of two plates: receiver plate and decoder plate. Receiver plate carries high-frequency circuits, decoder plates carries data decoder and receiver controller. Additional customization is possible, e.g. installing additional power amplifier, aerial amplifier, etc.

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High-frequency tranceiver plate part with power amplifier.

Tranceiver can work both in narrow-band and broad-band mode.

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Typical image of radiated spectre

Tranceiver is compatible with existing communication ports software. USB driver and libraries for use in custom user software are provided.

Detailed circuitry, components choice, and other SRD-tranceiver details can be downloaded here (Russian).

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